We are sincere and optimistic, open and inclusive, open and transparent, and ethical and law-abiding

We operate a sustainable supply chain

We protect the safety of beekeepers, employees and the bee products industry

We respect and protect human rights

We respect the culture of bees and practice the natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle of bees


The cooperatives under our production base have 9 beekeeping bases across the country, the total number of beekeeping households has grown to 356, and the number of bee colonies is 47197 groups. One of the beekeeping bases has passed EU and US organic certification, The cooperative equips beekeepers with smartphones, records beekeeping logs through the mobile phones, and tracks the production environment of beekeepers in real time.

From the collection of raw materials in the apiary and the procurement of other auxiliary materials, to the production and processing of the factory, to the market sales, each packaging unit has a registered identification code. The production base must sample and test the raw materials and each packaging unit produced to ensure the quality and traceability of the products.


Labs of our production bases have LC-MS/MS, HPLC, UV spectrophotometer and other high-end equipment in the industry, routine physical and chemical testing, such as food microbial related detection, moisture, protein and sugar, etc. in honey and royal jelly, detection of pesticide and verinary drug residues in products, and testing data are compared irregularly with lntertek and other domestic and international recognized third-party testing institutions, to ensure the accuracy of experimental reults.

The production bases have etablished product traceability system in strict accordance with ISO9001&HACCP and other quality managernent systems, so as to realize the traceability of the whole chain from upstrearn beekeeping base to raw rnaterial acceptance and warehousing from feeding produdion to finished product warehousing, from finished product warehousing to users. Precise source control, standard quality control, standardized process and strict process managernent ensure the quality of the products is controllable and traceable.



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Nov 22,2021

Beekeeper training

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Nov 22,2021

Price and risk management

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