Flavormax one-stop OEM&ODM service

Feb 22,2022


Flavormax's OEM&ODM products cover soft capsules, hard capsules, health drinks, nutritional gummies, tablets, powders and other dosage forms, as well as functional series such as beauty and slimming, intestinal health, dietary nutrition, etc., which can meet the needs of infants and young children. , adolescents, urban white-collar workers, pregnancy and lactation, and the health needs of different groups of people such as middle-aged and elderly people.  Flavormax provides you and me with endless possibilities for healthy living every day, providing more than just options.


Soft capsules: Obtained the approval of China health food approval number, the mature technology of enteric coated soft capsules using natural layer materials, to meet the needs of customers with complex formulas and tastes, and a variety of shapes to choose, such as olive-shaped, cylindrical, etc


Hard capsules: Bee pollen hard capsules, etc. New bee-flavored hard capsules meet the production standards of the GMP workshop


Tablets: Obtained the China health food approval number and  hygiene certificate; advanced technology such as fluidized bed automatic granulation can meet the production requirements of customers for a variety of tablets, round, oval and other tablets are available for you to choose;


Powder: Royal jelly freeze-dried powder, etc. Xinbee flavor provides a variety of powder packaging and types, providing customers with different packaging forms to meet different market needs;


Liquid: Bottled/striped honey, royal jelly, etc., bottled propolis drops, etc. The products cover popular nutritional fields and meet the needs of different groups of people.