Flavormax new brochures released

Mar 26,2022


Flavormax Nutritional Co., Ltd. ‘s Nutrition & Health, Honey, and Personal Care brochures have all been released simultaneously. These brochures cover pure natural raw materials such as propolis, honey, and bee pollen, which originate from natural bees, as well as their comprehensive applications in various fields such as health raw materials, foods, drinks, and personal care.

Flavormax is committed to discovering the world's natural and high-quality bee product raw materials, Flavormax also conducts quality control and global distribution of these raw materials. We provide our customers with efficient and applicable solutions for foods, beverages, health care and personal care with bee elements.


Flavormax’s Nutrition & Health brochure covers two series of product content: "raw material" and "OEM&ODM". Its raw materials cover royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen, etc. and Its OEM&ODM products cover soft capsules, hard capsules, healthy drinks, nutritional gummies, tablets, powders and other dosage forms, as well as functional series such as beauty and slimming, intestinal health, dietary nutrition, etc. so as to meet the health needs of different groups of white-collar workers, pregnant women, lactating women, middle-aged and elderly people, etc.


Flavormax's Honey brochure contains basic honey, baking honey, coffee hot drink honey, flavored honey syrup and catering small package honey, which are widely used in various types of cakes, biscuits, coffee, tea and other foods and beverages. While satisfying the taste of end consumers, compared with traditional raw materials such as sugar, honey, as a pure natural raw material, is rich in a large amount of fructose, microorganisms, etc., which enhances the nutritional value of the product to a certain extent and ensures our health.


Flavormax’s Personal Care brochure introduces in detail the application of various pure natural bee products in skin care products, make-up and other fields with their unique advantages. For example, propolis is rich in natural flavonoids, which have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiulcer effects, and it is a natural and safe active antibacterial raw material. So it is widely used in toothpaste, facial mask, mouthwash, etc.



Flavormax is a bee element enterprise that is exploring a new life, hoping to create superior quality and distinctive bee element products, opening up new scenes of the natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle of bees, providing you and me with infinite possibilities for a healthy life every day, with options that go beyond that.


Flavormax is committed to expanding the application and development of bee products in fast-consumption food, beverages and personal care products to meet the changing needs of consumption scenarios of various consumer groups: Flavormax is deeply involved in the precise functional application research of bee products in the field of health food, so that our bee products and healthy food can be more standardized, scientific and more specific to our users.

For more product information and application solutions of flavormax, please contact us to obtain the brochures and materials!