Flavormax continues to expand new areas of propolis application

Apr 15,2022


As a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substance, propolis has been widely used in food health care and pharmaceutical industries since ancient times, and is also known as purple gold.

The propolis extract produced by Flavormax using low temperature extraction technology can retain the active ingredients of propolis to the greatest extent. In addition, using modern technology, we are also constantly innovating and expanding new fields of propolis application.



According to the different applications of customers in the production of propolis capsules and tableting, Flavormax propolis powder is used for the production of soft capsules. Propolis powder has fine texture and no foreign matter, good fluidity, stable storage at room temperature without caking, which is convenient for customers to continuously produce and store for a long time.


For hard capsules, our dry granulation technology can provide customers with propolis granules with a particle size of about 40 mesh, which is especially convenient for hard capsules and tableting. Compared with propolis powder, the texture of the finished product made of propolis granules is more uniform. , reduce the production defect rate.


According to the application needs of customers in the field of personal care and cosmetics, Flavormax also recently launched a propolis solution, which can be formulated with different solvents and different contents according to customer requirements, not only alcohol-soluble, but also water-soluble products to choose from. It can be used directly, and even the finished product can be directly filled. Once the propolis liquid was launched, it was very popular in the field of oral care.


Flavormax has always been committed to standardizing the production process, not only focusing on the stability of each product, but also on the application experience of each customer, for which we will continue to work hard!