Application of Propolis in Personal Care Products

Mar 30,2022


Propolis, known as "purple gold", contains more than 300 nutrients in 20 categories. It is rich in natural flavonoids and has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiulcer effects. Propolis is also a natural and safe active antibacterial raw material.

Flavormax’s delicately extracted propolis extract, with stable and reliable quality, is used to make functional oral care products - propolis toothpaste, propolis mask, propolis mouthwash, etc., which are deeply loved by consumers.


The special feature of propolis toothpaste is that it contains special propolis ingredients, which is why it is different from other toothpastes. Propolis toothpaste has a good protective effect on the teeth, and can also nourish the gums and prevent the occurrence of gum inflammation. According to consumers who have used propolis toothpaste, this toothpaste can also make the mouth feel very comfortable during use.

The biological brass in propolis has strong anti-oxidation, improves human immunity, promotes cell regeneration, relieves common oral problems, helps to condition the oral environment, and enhances oral repair ability


Propolis mask uses natural propolis, which is very safe and suitable for people of all ages. It has good antioxidant properties. Can effectively prevent facial aging. At the same time, the propolis mask can effectively help the skin to eliminate inflammation. For some people with acne or acne on the face, you can use the propolis mask, which has anti-inflammatory and acne-removing effects.

The addition of propolis to the mask can effectively prevent allergies, and bee products are particularly effective in treating allergies. Some people who are prone to skin allergies have a very narrow choice of cosmetics when using cosmetics, but for these allergic people, propolis mask not only does not cause allergies, but also can effectively relieve some allergic symptoms.


Propolis Mouthwash effectively cleans the mouth, antibacterial and stain removal, and keeps breath fresh. After adding propolis extract, while protecting the oral cavity, it can promote the shedding of necrotic tissue, and promote tissue regeneration and repair.

The ingredients in propolis toothpaste to strengthen the cleaning can soften the dirt hidden in the teeth, make it easy to rinse off, remove the dirt in the mouth and absorb the odor and remove the odor-causing ingredients. Freshens the breath, thoroughly sterilizes, removes substances that cause bad breath, and cleans the mouth. At the same time, it also allows the places that are hard to be brushed by a toothbrush to be cleaned, removes bad breath and odor, and cleans up oral garbage.